14338Breaking Away offers the opportunity to expand academic learning, to maintain skills already possessed, to enhance the learning and practice of important life skills, to participate in recreational and leisure activities that are enjoyable, and to develop meaningful friendships and interpersonal skills.

An important component in the Breaking Away program is the lunch program (making healthy choices, preparing a grocery list, shopping, food preparation, cleanup, etc.) the food for these lunches is included in the daily $50 tuition. However, during community activities the students eat lunch at a restaurant, students must pay for their own meal (typically, about $10 per week).

If your student requires a 1:1 support worker to student ratio, it will be the family’s responsibility to hire and pay that worker (the daily fee would then be $25 per day). That worker would essentially be an employee of the family following the policies and procedures of the Breaking Away program.

If you have any questions please contact Breaking Away at  (705) 575-3355

Funding is available through the Passport Program under Community Participation Supports or Caregiver Respite.