Admission Criteria

Typical Characteristics of Successful Students*


  • Self functioning: not requiring intense levels of supervision
  • Ambulatory: able to walk, eat, and toilet independently, and participate in physical activity without supports
  • Over 18 years of age: adult, having completed available education system programs, demonstrating appropriate level of maturity
  • Communication skills which will permit relationship building
  • Intellectual functioning that creates a need for specialized assistance to carry out practical and social activities of daily living

Ready, Willing, and Able to be Part of a Group:

  • Social skills: able to interact appropriately in a group and benefit from peer relationships
  • Behavioural control: for the safety and well being of all, aggression and/or violence will not be tolerated
  • Functional: able to benefit from the program, achieve goals

Supported Towards Achievement:

  • Parents/Caregivers who are interested and prepared to be involved in the success of their student
  • Amenable for the fee for service arrangement, willing to use available resources, inclined to seek subsidy support if needed
  • Recognizing the benefits of independence, accepting the uncertainties
  • Willing to partner with staff and volunteers in the best interest of the students

Compatible with the Program and the Group:

  • There will be a three month probationary period in order to determine the suitability of the program for each student

*These are “typical” characteristics of a successful student, however, if your child does not meet these characteristics and requires a 1:1 worker to student ratio, Breaking Away is able to accommodate. In this situation the family can hire their own worker to come to the program with the student to provide the 1:1.